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Draw-wire sensor

Measures up to 10 m

The 125-D draw-wire sensor by TWK uses a CANopen encoder. It operates form -20 °C to +85 °C.

The product is available as 6-m or 10-m version (Photo: TWK)

The sensor based on rotary encoders is intended for outdoor applications. This includes construction machines, transport and logistics, harbor cranes, etc. The encoder is integrated into the housing, which saves space. TWK manufactures since many years encoders with CANopen interfaces compliant with the CiA 406 profile specification. The company also provides redundant encoders supporting CANopen Safety. This means, the draw-wire sensor is optionally functional safe. Optionally, the cable can also be equipped with a cable brake. Due to this, unintentionally releasing the cable, e.g. during commissioning, does not lead to damage to the product.


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