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Absolute encoder

With CANopen for industrial automation

Elap (Italy) offers the MEM-Bus series of single- and multi-turn encoders designed for operating machine applications in several industrial fields. They are based on the CANopen specification.

The encoders come with a CANopen interface running bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s (Photo: Elap)

The CANopen-based encoders are supplied both in single- and in multi-turn version and comply with the CiA 301 application layer and communication profile and CiA 406 device profile for encoders. They implement the basic features of the device profile. The products support the Layer Setting Services as specified in CiA 305. This includes the setting of bit-rate and node-ID via the CAN network. Alternatively, the bit-rate and node-ID can be configured by means of SDO services. This is not recommended by CiA, due to possible failures when commanding a reset to the factory settings.

The absolute encoders provide the actual position after power on, despite possible shaft rotations. Therefore, there is no need to reset to the zero point after a power down. The multi-turn encoder features a 29-bit resolution, while for the single-turn type the resolution value is 13 bit. The diagnostic function signals possible parameter and position errors as well as the battery alarm – the data memory is anyway assured for 21 years. The encoders avail three signaling LEDs for supply state, line, and error.

The encoder comes in a 58-mm diameter housing, with round or square flanged, with solid or hollow shaft. The electrical connection is by cables or M12 connectors. The stout aluminum case (IP64- and IP65-rated) ensures protection to enable applications in severe industrial environments, said the company. The electronic construction technology involves no mechanical gear.


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