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Wind sensor

Measuring speed and direction with CANopen

Published 2018-04-05

The precise measurements of wind speed and wind direction are prerequisite for maximum energy generation from a wind turbine. Mesa Systemtechnik (Germany) has unveiled its Sonic Anemometer with CANopen output for this purpose.

The sensor complies with CiA 301, version 4.2 (Photo: Mesa Systemtechnik)

According to the company, the WSWD Sonic Anemometer is currently the most compact sonic anemometer (Ø 220 mm x 221 mm) in its performance class and has been successfully deployed in several wind farms in China. It provides a CANopen interface compliant with CiA 301, version 4.2.

Specially designed transducers generate short high precision sonic bursts and transmit them to the opposite transducer and back again over air. A second measurement track, which is orthogonally arranged to the first one, contributed to computation of wind direction. An optimized algorithm can now compute wind speeds of up to 100 m/s and the wind direction from the measured transit times. The sensor provides up to a 230-W heating capability.

The integrated electronics sample signals, which helps amongst others detection of wind gusts. The data formats from different control unit manufacturers are already integrated and can be selected by the user with an optionally available Meteosuite software from the supplier or with MS-Windows utilities. The Meteosuite software offers the possibility to display meteorological data live as well as does parallel analysis and records values of several WSWD Sonic anemometers.

The sensor with (left) and without (right) heating (Photo: Mesa Systemtechnik)

The comprises additionally a humidity-, temperature-, and pressure sensor elements, which supplies further vital parameters for achieving an optimal control of a wind turbine. Independent testing laboratories have performed tests and certified WSWD Sonic Anemometer to be complying to standards. As an example the ice test was done in a specially prepared test area under tough temperature- / humidity conditions. At the same time, several Chinese customers have already been able to verify the WSWD Sonic Anemometer in harsh onshore and offshore operations.