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Multi-turn sensor for safety applications

Published 2018-04-09

FSG (Germany) has launched the MH64-II-CAN/MU series of functional-safe rotary encoders. The product addresses price-sensitive applications.

The low-cost multi-turn encoder is suitable for PLd requiring safety-related applications (Photo: FSG)

Functional safety is increasingly required for mobile machines. FSG established in 1946 supplies a rotary encoder with CAN interface implementing CANopen and CANopen Safety (EN 50325-5). The product features a performance level of d (PLd). Enclosed in an aluminum housing, the device weighs no more than 160 g. It is equipped with a redundant Hall sensor that can track up to 64 turns. Due to its compact design, the sensor is suitable for applications in construction machinery, mobile work platforms, and for length measurements in draw-wire systems.

The encoder features internal signal monitoring and error detection. The IP67-protected sensor is suitable for ambient temperatures from -30 °C to +80 °C and features 25-g shock resistance as well as 4-g vibration resistance. It can also be supplied as a single-turn variant. It can be wired up or connected via M12 plug.