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Non-contact encoder

Rectangular housing can be mounted on flat surfaces

Published 2018-04-12

The PE18-BX Proxencoder by Joral is a rotary encoder. It comes with J1939 interfaces, but not with CANopen support.

(Photo: Joral)

Enhancing the PE18 proximity style form factor, the rectangular design allows for mounting on flat surfaces. The encoders can detect on-axis rotation with up to 12-mm air gap between the application and sensor. The allowed axial misalignment is 2,5 mm.

The 18-mm sensors are 100 percent encapsulated for an IP69K configuration that survives destructive conditions like submersion in hydraulic oil, deep sea salt water, dust control spray, or corrosive wash. Regarding shock and vibration resistance they are MIL-STD 202-rated. The encoder product line is designed to cater to both mobile hydraulic and industrial installations. The CAN interface supports J1939. The CAN connector can be customized as well as features of the rotary encoder.

Joral founded in 2005 develops and manufactures harsh-duty electronic devices for mobile hydraulics and industrial applications. The launched non-contact encoders are patent-protected (US 9018943 and US 8294457). The rotary magnetic encoder assembly of non-contact construction has an internally disposed first exciter (or sensor magnet). It is magnetically coupled to an externally disposed second application (or drive magnet) attached to an encoder shaft that rotates the sensor magnet substantially in unison during encoder shaft rotation.