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Touchless encoder

Comes with J1939 or CANopen support

Novotechnik provides the RFC4800 series of encoders. It measures angular position up to 360°, number of revolution, and speed.

The 14-bit resolution angle sensor comes in an IP69K-rated enclosure and is suitable for temperature ranging from -40 °C to +125 °C (Photo: Novotechnik)

The products have a resolution of 14 bit across 360°, repeatability of 0,36 ° and full-scale linearity of ±0,5 %. The J1939 version provides a different feature set than the CANopen sensors. The J1939 interface has a fixed bit-rate for 250 kbit/s and uses shielded twisted-pair cables. The bit-rate of the CANopen interface is configurable. J1939 features peer-to-peer or broadcast signaling and fixed messages rather than configurable. There are available single and multi-channel versions. The devices are sealed up to IP69K. The operating temperature range is -40 °C to +125 °C. Mean time to failure is 76 years.


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