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Pressure scanner

Eight-channel transducer with CAN interface

The Ecoscann P-Series by PMC (U.S.A.) has been designed with physical size, weight, accuracy, and functionality in mind and is available in a variety of configurations for eight pressure channels.

The tiny transducer meets the demands of the aerodynamic testing industry (Photo: PMC)

In many aerodynamic testing applications, weight and size limits the ability to measure in difficult locations. Weighing in at just 15 gram and with compact dimensions, the launched pressure transducer can be located within the tightest of spaces. It enables aerodynamicists and engineers to quickly gather valuable data that has not been easy to access before.

The Evoscann P-Series provides the pressure measurements at its CAN interface. Optionally, a CAN-to-USB converter connects the device directly to a PC. The transducer can be supplied in absolute or differential modes across a selection of pressure ranges. Integrated temperature sensors apply temperature correction.


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