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Vision device

Dual-lasers improve 3D bin-picking

IT+Robotics (Italy) supplies a dual-lasers projector embedding rotary actuators. It provides optionally CANopen or Devicenet communication.

The projector is equipped with two lasers that can be rotated (Photo: IT+Robotics)

The EyeT+Pick vision device comprises an servo drive from Oriental Motors (USA), which moves the camera and the dual-laser equipment. The camera is manufactured by Photonfocus (Switzerland) and the lasers are made by Laser Components (Germany). The optional Devicenet or CANopen interface enables connection to the host controller.

The vision device is intended to be used in bin-picking applications. It was designed to reduce installation and set-up time to a minimum. The product can be integrated with the Smart Pick 3D Solid software solution, which allows for the configuration and the monitoring of the system in a 3D programming environment.