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Load cell

Used with CANopen converter as a digital weighing solution

The load cell Inteco from Minebea Intec is suitable for applications from fill quantity control to weighing of silos and containers. As a digital weighing solution with the CANopen-based converter Connexx, it offers signaling times and transparency in dosing and weighing processes.

The load cell is a digital solution that provides a higher transparency in the dosing and weighing process (Photo: Minebea)

The product comes with an analog output signal of 2 mV/V while higher load levels of up to 75 t are also available. Due to its load levels, the product is an economic weighing solution, for example with three load cells instead of four. A new type of stainless steel makes the load cell Inteco more resistant to corrosion than its predecessor, the PR 6201, and also prolongs the service life in challenging environments, such as the chemical industry, said the company.

The load cell can be upgraded to an digital solution. For example, fitted with the CANopen-based converter Connexx, the Inteco can be installed without the need for a cable junction box. Fast signaling times ensure dosing processes and transparency. Weight values can also be generated individually – per load cell – meaning that defective load cells can be identified and replaced. The CANopen interface provides straightforward commissioning and calibration via PC. It is also possible to use cables up to 200 m in length.

The dimensions of Inteco have remained the same than PR 6201 so that the older version can be replaced. ‘Change is not always the best option. In line with our focus on the customer, all technical parameters of the load cell PR 6201 have been retained, meaning that new mounting kits and fixed bearings are not necessary when upgrading to the Inteco,’ said Holger Nichelmann, Global Product Manager at Minebea Intec. ‘This way, we can ensure a smooth and economic upgrade for our customers, in the long term too.’


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