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Vehicle-mounted camera

For day and night operation

The Urania digital camera is suitable for military armored vehicle applications. It is controlled via CAN.

The Urania camera uses special CMOS sensors (Photo: Theon)

Theon (Greece) offers the Urania day-and-night camera, which sends its video data via Ethernet, while the control is CAN-based. Operation is possible from 1 mlx to 100 klx. The product features a four-time magnification, a 1280‑by‑960‑pixel resolution, and fixed focus (no moving parts). It comes in a rugged aluminum housing and provides an ice-free sapphire optical window with EMI/EMC protection.

The camera features a bore-sight stability of less than 0,5 mrad of digital ballistic reticle. The product is in different versions available and can be customized. It can be used for observation and targeting on armored vehicles.


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