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UHF long-range reader

Transponders in up to 7-m distance detectable

Deister Electronic (Germany) has introduced the TSU-220 reader. It comes in an IP65- or IP67-rated enclosure.

The identification system supports CANopen (Photo: Deister Eletronic)

The company’s identification system with a reliable detection of vehicles and objects have been used indoor and outdoor as well as entrances and exits for parking areas and other premises. The recently launched TSU-220 UHF long-range reader inherits the established qualities, like IP65 and IP67 protection and identifies transponders in up to 7-m distance. It supports several communication interfaces including CANopen.

The circular polarized reading field detects UHF transponders of any kind in any orientation. The status of the device is indicated by three LED lights (yellow, green, and red), located in the upper mid area of the product. The connection ports on the reader are designed as waterproof M12 connectors. The company offers also RFID transponders and special on-metal tags.


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