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Bauma 2019

Running gear controller with integrated weighing system

At Bauma 2019, BPW presents its weighing sensor, which transmits its data via Isobus to the driver’s cabin and more important wireless from the drawbar axles wirelessly to the end device.

The measured weight can be displayed on a smartphone or tablet computer as well as via Isobus on the tractor’s display (Photo: BPW)

BPW presents the Agro Hub running gear computer at the Bauma tradeshow in the outdoor exhibition area (stand FN.827/9). For the first time, it not only determines precise data about the mileage, but also the weight of the drawbar trailer. The sensors for this are located directly on the axle. From the data obtained in this way, the weight can be calculated with an accuracy of about 98 percent. The weight can be displayed and documented on a smartphone or tablet computer, thus allowing contractors to invoice their services according to weight. Partial deliveries can also be divided and invoiced based on weight. The information can be transmitted wirelessly via the BPW Agro app to Android smartphones and now also via the CAN-based Isobus interface to the display on the tractor. Isobus is internationally standardized in the ISO 11783 series. BPW ensures a secure connection between the drawbar trailer and tractor, and always provides the driver with the running gear information.

The Agro Hub system was presented initially at the Agritechnica trade fair in 2017 (Photo: BPW)

The Agro Hub system records the running gear's daily and total performance in hours and kilometers, and also documents the speeds driven. Evaluating driving behavior for example allows conclusions to be drawn on the wear of the vehicle's tires and brakes. The system has an information function that reminds users to service the unit in good time. It also provides information about the access to spare parts list for the running gear, corresponding maintenance instructions or documents.

"The BPW Agro Hub is another example of how innovations from high-tech agriculture are increasingly finding their way into the construction sector," explained Peter Lindner from BPW. "The new weighing system is particularly robust and quickly pays for itself, even for construction companies."


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