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Pressure sensor

Transducer supports CANopen and J1939

The KD41 stainless steel pressure sensor by Ashcroft features 1000‑g shock resistance and 20‑g vibration resistance.

The pressure sensor comes in an IP67- or IP69K-rated stainless steel housing (Photo: Ashcroft)

The measuring range of the KD41 pressure transducer is up to 1378 bar. The accuracy (total error band) is ±2 % specified for the temperature range from -40 °C to +105 °C. Typical applications include hydraulic and pneumatic sensing in off-road vehicles as well as in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.

The transducers are equipped with a CAN interface supporting CANopen (CiA 404) and J1939 connectivity. The CANopen version is available with and without integrated termination resistors including a split termination. The used vendor‑ID is 439 (ADZ). The measured data can be given in integer16, Integer32, and Real format. Additionally, the process value can be time-stamped. The J1939 version uses proprietary a PGN (65330). The manufacturer‑ID is 455 (Ashcroft Nagano). The J1939 sensor does not provide bus termination. The bit‑rate is by default 125 kbit/s.


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