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Data acquisition system

With four CAN FD ports

HBM (Germany) has introduced the MX471 interface module featuring four CAN FD ports. It is part of the QuantumX data acquisition system family.

The QuantumX family provides CAN FD connectivity (Photo: HBM)

CAN FD solves the bandwidth limitation problem of Classical CAN networks by allowing bit-rates higher than 1 Mbit/s. In addition, the frame payload has been increased from 8 byte to 64 byte. The MX471 module allows the synchronous integration of up to four CAN FD networks. It can be combined with the company’s data recorder and analog measurement modules. The product is suitable for mobile vehicle tests and as a measurement gateway in test benches.

With the channel in recorder mode, any number of signals – such as vehicle speed, steering wheel position, or brake command can be acquired simultaneously, with the analog inputs of other QuantumX amplifiers and used, for example, to trigger data storage. This reduces the need for manually applied sensors in the prototype phase and simplifies testing due to minimized setup duration.

For applications in harsh environments such as in mobile data acquisition for trucks or excavating machines, a rugged version under the type name SomatXR MX471C-R CAN FD has been developed. This module is shock resistant with an IP65/IP67 degree of protection.


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