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Tire-pressure monitoring system

With pre-wired J1939 bus-lines

Doran (USA) offers a tire-pressure monitoring system. It is able to observe up to 38 wheel positions.

The Go-7 module provides J1939 connectivity (Photo: Doran)

The Doran 360 tire‑pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitors continuously the pressure and temperature of tires. The baseline tire pressures are programmed into the monitor and can be unique for each wheel position to accommodate different optimal pressures for steer, drive, and trailer tires. The system provides real-time alerts. The fast‑lean warning is triggered when the pressure drops 4,5 psi within 16 s regardless of the baseline tire pressure. Level‑I low‑pressure warning is activated with a 12,5‑percent drop from the programmed baseline tire pressure. A 25‑percent drop initiates a Level‑II warning. The high‑pressure alarm is generated, when the temperature is higher than 80 °C.

The TPMS data is transmitted on the J1939 in-vehicle network. The Geotab GO device captures the data from this network and sends into the “cloud”. The Go‑7 module comes with a pre‑wired OEM‑specific J1939 harness that is used to connect the it to the truck’s or trailer’s backbone network.


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