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For space-restricted applications

Inertial motion sensor for drones

Xsens has introduced the MTi 600 series of CAN-connectable inertial motion sensor. In volume quantities, the price is below US‑$ 300.

The sensor measures 31,5 mm x 28 mm x 13 mm (Photo: Xsens)

The MEMS-based orientation sensor come in an IP51‑rated case. They produce roll and pitch readings accurate to ±0,2°. GNSS‑assisted heading (yaw) measurements are accurate to ±1,0°. Among the products’ features is a CAN interface.

To achieve this performance, Xsens has applied sensor fusion algorithms, which optimize the output from accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer components. These components are self‑tested. The gyroscope measure ±2000 °/s, the accelerometer ±10 g, and the magnetometer ±8 g.

There is no mounting-orientation restriction (Photo: Xsens)

The inertial motion sensors are the first from Xsens to include an NMEA‑compatible interface for GNSS receivers. This means that users can choose any GNSS receiver chip, module or system to work alongside the MTi‑670, a GNSS/INS sensor, which supplements the pitch, roll, and yaw outputs available from other MTi 600‑series products with global positioning information. A software development suite backs these interfacing options for easy integration into space-restricted host systems such as drones.


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