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Cimac 2019

Natural gas sensor with CAN

At the Cimac 2019 congress, CMR shows on booth 120 it’s Niris natural gas sensor. They reduce consumption levels of natural gas-powered engines provided by the real time measurement of fuel quality.

CMR shows its Niris (near infrared intelligent sensor) natural gas sensor at Cimac 2019 (Photo: CMR)

The sensor, which is directly connected to the gas feeder pipeline, is built around smart infrared hardware and data treatment software and features a CAN network communications facility, which enables the system to be upgraded without dismantling the sensor for improved performance and retro applications.

Natural gas consumption levels can be further reduced by engine tuning closer to knocking limits due to effective fuel management strategies using sensor data. Other benefits include lower fuel analysis costs, correct engine performance, and the overall alleviation of time consuming and costly damage to components due to inferior or low-grade gas fuels.

Patrice Flot, chief technical officer at CMR, who presents a technical paper on improving the efficiency and emissions of gas engines at Cimac 2019, said: “We are committed to investing in new product development to provide customers with solutions they require. I’m sure the benefits and quality of Niris NG will be of huge interest to customers visiting Cimac, who are looking for added value and advanced engineering capabilities.

“Engine OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and operators incorporating the technology into their products can achieve significant benefits and cost savings without compromising the quality and standard of engineering work provided.” CMR designs, manufactures, and commissions automation, control system, and turnkey project solutions for global industrial and renewable energy sectors, alongside specialist instrumentation for high power diesel or gas engines.


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