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Amplifier for weighing applications

CANopen in Sri Lanka

Weighing component provider Flintec (Sri Lanka) launched the EM100 family of digitizing units for general weighing applications such as dynamic, static, and high-speed weighing. It comes with a CANopen interface.

The IP20-rated amplifier comes with a CANopen interface (Photo: Flintec)

The product is a precision amplifier manufactured to be embedded directly into a weighing system with multiple configuration options available and plug and play compatibility. AC and DC variants of the device are available with, legal for trade, OIML (international organization of legal metrology) certification from 10 000 to to 20 000 verified scale intervals and a linearity of ± 0,0005 %.

The device features a CAN interface with support for the CANopen protocol. Additionally, connectivity via EIA-232, EIA-485, and USB is available, along with the ability to connect up to six load cells. The company also provide dedicated software, allowing for device configuration. The device comes in four versions tailored to different applications, each certified to the relevant OIML legal-for-trade standards. An optional adapter board is available for simplified mounting to peripherals.

The product is designed for a range of universal weighing applications requiring high speed automation. General use includes accuracy weighing and packaging machinery applications as well as wider use in process weighing and process automation and control. Configurations include AWI (automatic weighing instruments) and Nawi (non-automatic weighing instruments) weighing, check weighing, and gravimetric filling.

As a manufacturer of weighing components, the company has developed the unit to work seamlessly with their vast range of load cells, force sensors, and assorted accessories, forming a complete weighing system.


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