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Conformance tested by CiA

CiA has tested successfully the AHS36 and AHM26 series of encoders by Sick on conformity to the CiA 301 application layer and communication profile.

The single- and multi-turn absolute encoders are IP67-rated (Source: Sick)

The AHS36/AHM36 CANopen absolute encoder product families provide increased flexibility and diagnostics due to its mechanical adaptation, electrical connectivity, and CANopen communication. They passed successfully the CANopen family conformance tests by CiA. With their rotatable connector or cable outlets as well as the various mounting hole patterns and adapter flanges, these encoders are suitable for several applications. This includes usage in various industries, machines, and tools such as automated guided vehicles (AGS), industrial vehicles, commercial vehicles, packaging machines, logistics applications, machine construction and medical devices.

Individual adjustments can be made to the single-turn/multi-turn resolution, the counting direction, and other parameters when integrating the encoders into the CANopen network. The encoder also communicates diagnostic data such as temperature or operating time. Due to the large operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C and the protection class up to IP67, these products can be used in harsh ambient conditions. The rugged, reliable, magnetic sensor system provides a maximum resolution of 14 bit for the single-turn variants and 26 bit for the multi-turn variant.


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