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For hydraulic cylinders

Position sensor with +105 °C temperature range

Siko updated its SGH10 position sensor. The product has been certified by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority in accordance with UN ECE R10 and now has E1 certification for road vehicles.

(Source: Siko)

The integrable position sensor for hydraulic cylinders has been tested by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrtbundesmt – KBA) in accordance with UN ECE R10 and now has E1 certification for road traffic. The sensor can therefore be used for applications in which it operates during active driving of a vehicle on public roads. With the E1 certification, the sensor can be used in utility vehicles without affecting the operating license for the vehicle as a whole. The EMC requirements that must be met and the load dump test, in which voltage spikes of up to 400 V are applied to the sensor, demonstrate its electronic sturdiness. The sensors feature CANopen and J1939 interfaces. Analog interfaces for current and voltage are also available.

“Not only does this certification allow our customers to deploy the sensor flexibly in utility vehicles for a wide range of applications, it also shows the high level of quality to which the sensor has been developed, produced and tested,” emphasized Mathias Roth, Mobile Automation Sector Manager at Siko.

Among other things, the strengths of the sensor are down to the company’s technology platform called Pure.Mobile. This technological platform for some of the company’s sensors has been designed and developed exclusively for position detection systems in utility vehicles. The company said, unlike many of the sensors currently available on the market, which originate in industry or traditional machine construction and are then adapted for utility vehicles, sensors from Siko that bear the Pure.Mobile label have been designed and tested exclusively for heavy use in mobile machines. Every sensor with the technology label therefore meets the EMC requirements for construction machines, forestry machines, and agricultural machines, the requirements of E1, and is based on magnetic, wear-free, and sturdy sensing technology.

(Source: Siko)

Fluid temperature range up to +105 °C

The SGH10 sensor, which has been available since 2015, is already resistant to fluid temperatures up to +100 °C. With an optional special deal of the customer’s choice, fluid temperatures up to +105 °C can now be used without giving cause for concern. To be precise, the sensor can now be used in media from -30 °C to +105 °C.

The position sensor is available with the characteristics described above with immediate effect. For larger strokes, an extended measuring range up to 2,5 m is available with the SGH25 from the company, and up to 5 m with its big brother, the SGH50. All SGH sensors can also be used in telescopic cylinders and piston accumulators.


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