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Wheel-end sensor measures pressure, temperature, and vibration

Hendrickson has developed the Watchman wheel-end sensor technology to be used in trailers.

The Watchman sensor provides J1939 connectivity (Source: Sensata)

Hendrickson has launched the Watchman wheel-end sensor technology for trailers that features a J1939 interface. Sensata Technologies (ST) has developed the J1939 gateway unit. The initial product offering includes trailer tire pressure monitoring, wheel-end temperature, and wheel-end vibration data that will be communicated to the fleet through the tractor telematics system pulling the trailer.

Hendrickson is working with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to develop standards for the industry in the communication of data and fault codes for trailer wheel-end information. “This common platform will allow the new Hendrickson Watchman wheel-end sensor to be used by OEM (original equipment manufacturer) manufacturers to provide crucial data from the trailers to their customers,” said Omar Fernandez from Hendrickson.

Tire pressure monitoring, coupled with the inflating, relieving, and equalizing capabilities of Tiremaax Pro, already on the market, allows fleets to minimize tire wear and maximize fuel economy by managing the tire pressure on their trailers. Early warnings of vibration or heat in the wheel-ends will minimize the cost of repairs and maintenance of these crucial components. The sensor kit includes four battery-powered wheel-end sensors that transmit wireless RF signals to the Sensata gateway module, which collects data from the sensors. The information can be transmitted from the Sensata gateway module to the tractor electronic control unit (ECU) via a CAN-based J1939 network. Additionally, the wheel-end data output from the Sensata gateway module will be made available to on-board trailer telematics devices for transmission to the fleet’s back office.

Future enhancements planned for Hendrickson Watchman technology series include adding advanced wheel-end algorithms into the Sensata gateway module as well as offering additional sensors on brake pads to communicate brake pad wear and suspension sensors to provide load sensing for each axle on the trailer.

Initially, this wheel-end sensor technology is offered with Hendrickson HXL Extended Life wheel-ends and will launch in early 2020 with a limited quantity release and full production later in the year.

Hendrickson, a Boler company, is a manufacturer and supplier of medium- and heavy-duty mechanical, elastomeric and air suspensions; integrated and non-integrated axle and brakes systems; tire pressure control systems; auxiliary lift axle systems; parabolic and multi-leaf springs; stabilizers; bumpers; and components to the global commercial transportation industry. Sensata is a supplier of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions with operations and business centers in eleven countries.


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