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DAQ system

Data acquisition for harsh environments

IMC (Germany) offers the modular platform Cronos-XT for data acquisition. Modules for Classical CAN and CAN FD connectivity are provided.

Modules may be integrated via a click mechanism (Source: IMC)

In addition to Classical CAN, CAN FD, and analog measurement inputs, the system may synchronously record data from LIN, Flexray, XCPoE, and further inputs. It offers also a telemetry interface, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPS and cloud connectivity, as well as an integrated web server. The raw data recording of 2 Msample/s for the whole system and 100 Ksample/s per channel is possible. The integrated computing platform Online Famos enables data processing in real time. Users without special knowledge may create evaluation and analysis algorithms.

The IMC Studio software is used to perform the entire testing process. The later includes configuration, data display, and system operation. Automating of routine tasks as well as recording and playback of videos are some of the offered possibilities.

The IP67-protected system is shock and vibration resistant according to the military standard MIL STD810F and works at temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. Thus, it is usable on construction machinery, tractors, agricultural machinery, and vehicle testing that takes place in harsh environments. Required power supply lies in a range from 10 V to 50 V.


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