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Up to 600 bar

Industrial stainless-steel pressure transmitters

L'Essor Français Electronique (EFE) specializes on pressure transducers. The PDS22C sensor supports the CiA 404 CANopen device profile for measurement equipment.

The company’s transducers (Source: EFE)

Diverse pressure sensor variants are available for measurement ranges from ±100 mbar to 600 bar. The connection to the CANopen network is done via a 5‑pin M12 connector. The supported CANopen device profile was released by CAN in Automation (CiA), from which the company is a member. If a CANopen device profile is implemented, the data of the device is accessible via the CANopen network in a standardized manner. The same CANopen interface can be used for all device variants independent of the measurement technique and measurement range. A device can also be integrated into CANopen applications from diverse manufacturers.

The sensor with 22 mm in diameter has a resolution of 16‑bit. Software-controlled settings adjustment is done via the CANopen network. It is possible to power the transmitter with 8 VDC to 30 VDC. Maximal power consumption is 500 mW. Working temperature ranges from 0 °C to +60 °C and optionally from -25 °C to +85 °C. The devices already find its applications in railways, instrumentation equipment, navy, shipbuilding, and test benches.

EFE develops and manufactures pressure transducers since 1973. The sensors are available from 0 mbar to 50 mbar up to 0 mbar to 3000 bar. Applications range from accuracy test beds, flight test, to oil exploration etc.


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