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Added accident prevention and behavior monitoring

VIA Technologies announced the integration of AI-powered accident prevention and behavior monitoring features into its VIA Mobile360 D700 AI dash cam which supports CAN.

The added features boost driver safety and provide fleet managers with deeper insights into vehicle usage, explained the company. The camera captures videos of road conditions and driver behavior using its dual HD front dash and interior cameras and can store the footage on the device itself or transmit it to the cloud via a 4G wireless connection.

DMS identifies risky and illegal behaviors including distracted driving, driver fatigue, phone usage, and smoking (Source: VIA Technologies)

With its support for lane departure warning and forward collision warning, the camera detects potential danger on the road ahead and sends an audio alert to the driver to take immediate corrective action to prevent an accident. Video footage of the incident combined with additional data extracted from the CAN network can be saved for analysis by the fleet manager. In cases when a collision or other serious incident occurs, a real-time alert together with relevant video clips is transmitted to the fleet management cloud for immediate follow up. With its CAN support, the device enables the collection of vehicle usage data such as speed, distance, idle time, and fuel consumption that can be analyzed to identify opportunities for fleet efficiency and safety.

The DMS (driver monitoring system) features on the product further boost safety by identifying abnormal and illegal behaviors including distracted driving, driver fatigue, phone usage, and smoking, said the company. By providing objective and relevant real-time data that can be synchronized with the cloud, these features enable fleet managers to identify issues that can potentially impact the performance and health of their drivers and take the appropriate steps to address them.

“The integration of these new AI features in the VIA Mobile360 D700 will not only improve safety for drivers of commercial vehicles by enabling them to react more quickly to sudden changes in road conditions,” commented Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies. “It will also make it is easier for fleet operators to boost efficiency and reduce costs by helping to prevent accidents and improve driver performance.”


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