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Harsh environments

Humidity and temperature probe with CANopen

The EE072 by E+E Elektronik is a humidity and temperature probe for demanding process and climate control tasks. The probe can be used for example in agriculture and livestock farming, the food and pharmaceutical industries or in clean rooms.

The EE072 humidity and temperature probe is available in stainless steel or polycarbonate back (Source: E+E Elektronik)

The digital interface with the CANopen or Modbus RTU communication protocol facilitates the design-in of the probe, explained the company. The product comes with a temperature range of -40 °C to +80 °C, IP65 stainless steel or polycarbonate enclosure, as well as various filter caps. The temperature compensation and configurable pressure compensation ensure measuring accuracy of up to ±1,3 % RH and ±0,1 °C.

Harsh environments

The E+E Sensor-Coating protects the humidity sensing element against corrosive and electrically conductive contamination. In combination with the rugged sensing head and the encapsulated measuring electronics, the product is suited for particularly demanding measuring tasks.

The digital sensing probe is available with a CAN interface with CANopen protocol, an EIA-485 interface, or Modbus RTU. The two standardized communication protocols allow the direct integration of the EE072 into the control systems commonly used in the industrial sector, said the company. In addition, the industry-standard M12x1 connecting plug allows for electrical system integration.

The probe not only measures relative humidity and temperature, it also calculates humidity related parameters, such as the dew point, frost point or wet bulb temperature, etc. The sensing product can be configured with the help of an optional adapter and the free configuration software.


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