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Sensors with CANopen and J1939 option

Variohm Eurosensor lanched the EPT31H2 pressure transducer for use with hydrogen processes up to 700 bar. The TM1 in-cylinder position sensor is equipped with CANopen and J1939 options.

EPT31H2 pressure transducer (Source: Variohm Eurosensor)

Variohm’s EPT31H2 pressure transducer has an EC79 approval for use with hydrogen processes up to 700 bar with a full range to 1000 bar. The EPT series is used in automotive and mobile machinery, industrial hydraulics, refrigeration, off-road construction, and agricultural applications. It also includes versions for space-limited applications, low-power versions for battery-operated equipment, and safety-compliant versions with SIL 2 (safety integrity level) and PL d (performance level) options.

The company’s piezo-resistive absolute, gauge, and differential pressure sensors for gases and liquids are available for ranges from a few millibars up to 5000 bar. They output the measured value as an analog or digital signal in real time e.g. via a CANopen or a J1939 interface. The accuracy is between 1 % and 0,15 % depending on the selected model. The used materials include stainless steels, thermoplastics, brass, titanium, etc. Environmental ratings from IP65 to IP69K are offered.

TM1 linear position sensor (Source: Novotechnik)

Novotechnik’s TM1 series linear position sensors are designed for integration within hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder pressure chambers. Now, the sensors are offered with CANopen or J1939 interfaces. The sensors provide a 2-m working range and a resolution of 0,1 mm. They can be deployed in mobile construction and agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, and other heavy-duty applications. For in-cylinder applications, the IP67 protection is offered with a pressure resistance up to 350 bar nominal (up 450 bar peak) and a working temperature from -40 °C to +105 °C. The non-contacting measurement technology should guarantee a long working life.

Variohm Eurosensor is Novotechnik’s UK distribution partner offering support across the German manufacturer’s range of linear and rotary position sensors. Additionally, the designer offers sensor technologies for linear and rotary position, load, force, vibration, and temperature measurement.


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