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RTD scanner

Temperature data provided to the engine control system over J1939

Axiomatic Technologies introduced the AX184200 20 PT1000 RTD scanner with CAN. It features rugged packaging and watertight Deutsch IPD connectors for an IP67 rating. No additional programming or configuration is required.

(Source: Axiomatic)

The scanner monitors 20 2-wire PT1000 inputs from a diesel engine, and the temperature information is provided to the engine control system over a J1939 interface. All channels of temperature data are automatically sent over the CAN when power is applied. Temperature information can include exhaust, winding, and fluid temperature monitoring.

Integral diagnostics determine RTD integrity. RTD inputs are isolated from the CAN communication and power supply. During set-up, using a USB-CAN converter and a PC, the operator can configure the controller via the Electronic Assistant to suit the application.

The RTD scanner is designed to meet the environmental, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and vibrational requirements of vehicle applications. It features exceptional protection including reverse polarity protection. The power supply input section protects against transients, surges (up to 175 V) and short circuits, and is isolated from RTD inputs.

The company designs electronics for rugged applications, including on engine temperature monitoring to provide a reliable solution for a variety of engine control automation applications.


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