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GPS-to-CAN module

Delivering position data in any environment

CSS Electronics has introduced the standalone CANmod.gps, which provides GNSS and 3D IMU (inertial measurement unit) data via a CAN interface.

CANmod.gps is as GPS-to-CAN module with a 3D IMU (Source: CSS Electronics)

The GPS-to-CAN module provides GNSS (global navigation satellite system) position and 3D inertial data (via a gyroscope and accelerometer). The data is output via CAN frames with configurable bit-rates and CAN-IDs. This enables the integration with any CAN system, including any CAN data logger and CAN interface. The CAN-IDs, bit-rate, data frequency, etc. can be customized via USB using a GUI (graphical user interface). The module’s possibilities can be seen in a Youtube video.

The device supports the Untethered Dead Reckoning also known as sensor fusion. Sensor fusion enables precise position/attitude data in GNSS hostile areas. This means that even if the GNSS signal is lost entirely (e.g. in a tunnel or mine), the module continues to deliver positioning through IMU-based estimates.

The CANedge and CANmod.gps can be combined - and the data can be visualized in dashboards (Source: CSS Electronics)

Use cases

The standalone module requires no PC for operation and includes a DBC (data base CAN) for decoding of CAN messages. The device comes in a robust aluminum enclosure that measures 70 mm x 20 mm x 50 mm and weighs 70 g. It produces a 1-Hz precise GNSS position with a hot start possible via a battery backup. The built-in gyroscope and accelerometer produce 3D IMU data at 100 Hz.

The device provides many signals beyond GPS position - e.g. attitude and acceleration rates (Source: CSS Electronics)

The device can be used to inject GNSS/IMU data via CAN frames directly into e.g. an in-vehicle/-machine CAN network, so that other CAN nodes can react based on the data. Alternatively, it can be used as an add-on for any CAN data recording hardware. For example, the module can be used as a plug-and-play add-on for the CANedge data logger series. In this setup, the CANedge can record e.g. in-vehicle CAN data via Channel 1 and GNSS/IMU data from the CANmod.gps via Channel 2. This makes it easy to e.g. set up telematics dashboards as seen in an example dashboard playground combining OBD2 data from a car with GNSS/IMU data.

Case study: CANedge2 and CANmod.gps are used for analyzing icy roads (Source: CSS Electronics)

The device outputs a wide array of useful signals, including GNSS position, speed, attitude (roll, pitch, yaw), altitude, odometer, 3D angular rates, 3D acceleration rates, geofences, and time.

case study from Gustave Eiffel University shows how the CANedge2 data logger and CANmod.gps are used to construct databases with information on icy roads for optimizing salting in France.


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