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27-mm long rotary encoders

Position and motion sensor provider Posital has announced further models of its Ixarc rotary encoders with housings that are 27 mm long. Combined with a diameter of 36 mm, make the devices suitable for tight spaces. CANopen is supported.

The 2-mm long rotary encoder (Source: Posital)

The radial cable entry and shaft seal have protection ratings of IP65, enabling operations under wet and dirty conditions. A variety of flange and shaft configurations are available, reducing the need for adaptors or work-arounds. The encoders are based on the company’s magnetic measurement technology. Both incremental and single-turn absolute versions are available. Incremental variants are programmable: resolution can be set anywhere from one to 16 384 pulses-per-turn in software without requiring any changes to the mechanical properties of the devices.

Similarly, pulse direction and the output driver – either Push-Pull (HTL) or EIA-422 (TTL) – can be reset through software updates. Changes can be made in the shop or in the field using the company’s Ubifast programming tool. Absolute versions have resolutions of up to 16-bit and are available with CANopen, analog, or SSI interfaces.

The product finder tool at the company’s website enables a customer to specify the product features required for their project.


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