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Current measuring system

Increasing safety on the roads

The IVT 3.0 from Isabellenhuette Heusler is a complete current measuring system. The solution is for measuring and monitoring electrical values in battery-powered electric and fuel-cell powertrains. CAN is optionally available.

The IVT 3.0 meets safety class ASIL C in the current measuring area; IVT 3.0 Pro, which will be released later on, will also feature voltage measuring and active insulation monitoring (Source: Isabellenhuette Heusler)

Compared to the previous IVT model, IVT 3.0 has been developed in accordance with the ISO 26262 road vehicles - functional safety standard. Under this standard the measuring system meets safety level ASIL C in the current measuring area. This means that it provides the safety required by the automotive industry for an absolute system-relevant component, explained the Germany-based company. ASIL safety ratings are required by car manufacturers, especially with regard to autonomous driving developments.


The product comes with shunt-based technology. A current of up to 12 000 A can briefly occur on the bus-bar without damaging the sensor. The current measuring range covers up to 4 000 A. In ambient temperatures ranging from -40 ° to +105 °C, the system will operate with constant precision with a maximum deviation of ±0,4 per cent - and this is throughout its entire lifetime. Temperature measuring is also integrated.

An analog channel is optionally available in addition to its current measuring channel. It will continue measuring if the 12-V power supply for the vehicle's electrical system fails or is disrupted. This further increases the system’s robustness, explained the company. Other available options include various CAN protocols and a sleep mode. This will reduce the power consumption to less than 100 microamperes on average. The sensor will be ready for operation again within 30 milliseconds. The company, can further develop their IVT 3.0 with a CANopen interface or for 24-V electrical system compatibility upon customer request.

Successor model with insulation monitoring

The company will launch the IVT 3.0 Pro system in the near future to complete the IVT 3.0 platform concept. It will be able to determine the voltage on six channels in addition to current measuring. Voltage measuring with a nominal range of up to 1 000 V and an overvoltage measuring range of up to 1 250 V achieves a precision level that is similar to that of current measuring. IVT 3.0 Pro will also have active insulation monitoring. It will not only be able to detect symmetrical and asymmetrical insulation faults, but it will specify the fault position as well.

B samples of IVT 3.0 will become available during the second quarter of 2022. Series production is scheduled to start in 2022. Series production of IVT 3.0 Pro is scheduled for the end of 2023.


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