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36-mm heavy-duty CANopen encoder

Wachendorff Automation, CAN in Automation (CiA) member since 2015, now has a heavy-duty variant in the 36-mm design in its range of absolute encoders in the WDGA series with CANopen.

The company now has a heavy-duty variant in the 36-mm design in its range of incremental encoders in the WDGP series, as well as absolute encoders in the WDGA series (Source: Wachendorff)

The heavy-duty variant, is characterized by a bearing load of 300 N axial and radial, as well as the increased protection class of IP69k (in addition to IP67). This makes these encoders suitable for pressure/steam jet cleaning. They are specially designed for applications in harsh environments, such as mobile machinery, in the food industry, or even car washes, explained the company.

The WDGA23J series supports CANopen and complies to CiA 406 version 3.2 Class 2 as well as CiA 301 CANopen application layer and communication profile. The standard settings as well as any customization in the software can be changed via LSS (CiA 305) and the SDO protocol, e. g. PDOs, Scaling, Heartbeat, Node-ID, bit rate, etc.

A bi-colour status LED at the top indicates the different states of the encoder during use and helps with configuration and troubleshooting. The indication of operating conditions and trouble codes are following the CiA 303-3. Therefor two colors are provided: green glewing LED = Information about NMT-Status and red glewing LED = Information about Errors.

CiA 303 is a set of specifications, having various topics in the scope such as connector pin assignment, SI unit representation, or indicating the CANopen device status by means of LEDs. CiA 303 covers the following parts: Part 1: Cabling and connector pin assignment, Part 2: Representation of SI units and prefixes, Part 3: Indicator specification. Part 3, as used in the introduced encoder, recommends blinking-patterns for light emitting diodes, mounted on the CANopen device, to indicate the status of the device. Such indicators may help service personnel to identify communication problems without using a diagnostic tool.

The company updated the look of their absolute encoders for environment reasons; The encoders now come with stainless steel instead of chrome. (Source: Wachendorff)

Updated look for the environment

Last year, the company also updated the look of their absolute encoders for environment reasons. They decided, entirely in the interests of environmental protection, to switch from chrome-plated steel to stainless steel covers as part of its encoder production. This initially affects the absolute encoders of the CANopen WDGA series in 36-mm design, but will be extended to all series, the company explained. This does not change anything for the user, as there is no impact on device functions and properties.


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