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Temperature scanner

With two J1939 interfaces

Axiomatic (Canada) has introduced the AX180800 temperature scanner monitoring up to 20 thermocouples and two RTDs. The device features two J1939 interfaces.

The scanner device collects data from multiple temperature sensors and sends them via a CAN interface (Source: Axiomatic)

The channels are independently configurable as Type J, K, B, E, N, R, S or T thermocouples. Temperature data can include exhaust temperature, winding temperature, and fluid temperature monitoring. All 20 channels of temperature data are automatically sent over the CAN network, when power is applied. No additional programming or configuration is required. The J1939 Parameter Groups are manufacturer-specific. In addition to the TC (thermocouple) and RTD (resistance temperature detector) inputs, there are four universal signal command inputs and six Form-C relay outputs. Integral diagnostics determine thermocouple integrity.

All inputs are isolated from the CAN lines, and from the power supply. The two CAN channels are isolated from one another in the hardware, which allows for different CAN networks to be connected. In the software, each will also act independently, where incoming or outgoing J1939 messages can be configured to receive or send on a specific CAN channel. The scanner is enclosed in a rugged IP67-rated housing and is suitable for use in control systems for industrial and marine power generator sets.


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