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18-bit absolute position values

RLS (Slovenia) has released the Aksim magnetic rotary encoder. The ring-type sensor features an 18-bit resolution and a zero mechanical hysteresis.

The ring-style encoder comprises a low-profile encoder read-head and a separate magnetic ring (Photo: Renishaw)

THE MANUFACTURER, A RENISHAW'S (UK) ASSOCIATE COMPANY, distributes the encoder via the mother’s sales channels. The product comes in an IP64-rated housing and provides CAN connectivity. It is a true absolute encoder (no battery backup required) meaning the position is determined immediately at power-up, due to a single-track code embedded in a corrosion resistant ring. The maximum speed is 10000 revolutions per minute. The device features an integral set-up and diagnostics LED. The read-head also includes self-monitoring functionality, with the capability to report warnings, alarms or other status signals to the drive or controller via the CAN interface. The position sensor is suitable for a diverse range of motion control applications, including robotics, pan-tilt / azimuth-elevation platforms, automation systems, and medical equipment.

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