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Camera platform for heavy-duty vehicles

Motec (Germany) has presented a camera platform, which can be used for heavy-duty applications. From recording to playback, the platform offers a range of features with a previously unknown image quality.

Function overview (Photo: Motec)

BECAUSE OF ITS OPEN SOFTWARE INTERFACES, Ethernet connection and full CAN network support, the system can be integrated into existing vehicle platforms and adapted to specific manufacturer specifications in terms of functionality and display. The system also supports CANopen and J1939. It was first publicly presented at Agritechnica.

“In the future, mobile camera systems will offer much more than simply the visual support of drivers“, said Dr. Christoph Loos, Motec’s Managing Director. “Our digital camera platform sets new technological standards for heavy duty applications“. The digital technology offers for example HD resolution image quality, recognition of objects and persons, image processing for process automation, and replay via smartphones.

Function overview (Photo: Motec)

“Today, we all have our smartphones with us – therefore it is just logical to provide access to our cameras using apps“, Loos said. “Several users are thus able to use the camera images at the same time. This avoids expensive investment for transmission and display equipment“. It is an advantage, e.g. in case of harvesting, if several tractor drivers are able to access the camera images taken at the discharge of field choppers or harvesters.

“Our modular, FPGA-based platform and our robust digital cameras provide the basis for intelligent, premium-quality camera/monitor solutions. Our cameras support all common protocols“, Jürgen Weiland, Development Director at Motec said. “And most important the image quality in HD resolution is clearly superior to analog camera technology, thus helping to further improve the safety. Functions such as digital zoom or digital panning are only made possible using this high resolution“.

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