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CAN-based weighing system

The Loadmaster α100 by RDS Technology (UK) is an on-board weighing system. The CAN-connectable system combines modern sensor technology and signal processing techniques providing consistent weight information.

THE CYCLE TIMES OF THE UPDATED PRODUCT have been reduced and the tons per hour performance have been increased. The system aims to eradicate return trips to the stockpile, which would reduce vehicle movement, fuel usage and machine and tire wear. The device includes a 7-inch color, touch-screen display to control for example the use of up to 10 different attachments (e.g. buckets or forks).
The product continually measures hydraulic pressure using up to four sensors. The pressure signals are captured and filtered through a weighing ‘arc’ provided by inclination sensors measuring the angle of the main boom. Another sensor compensates for oil temperature. All signals are processed in the RDS Smart Box and the resultant weight calculation is sent via CAN to the terminal mounted in the cabin. The SQL database supports up to eight reference fields (including 200 products, 2000 customers, 1000 locations, and up to 20 drivers). There is also a blend facility with up to 20 mixes each comprising up to 30 products. A video input for switching head unit into reversing camera mode removes the need for additional screen.

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