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CAN-connectivity for sensors

Published 2013-06-13

Leuze (Germany) provides for its sensors CANopen as well as DeviceNet interface modules (MA235i resp. MA255i). The modules come with M12 connectors.

NOWADAYS, PERIPHAL DEVICES - such as sensors, protective switches and cameras - feature different network connections. Depending on device type and area of application, the modular MA200 interfacing unit series from Leuze offers different interfaces that enable identification devices to be connected directly to various communication technologies - simply via an interface cable with an M12 connector. This eliminates the error-prone and, up to now, sometimes complicated wiring and allows simple integration of additional devices in networks.
The MA235i CANopen module can interface the hand-held scanners as well as all EIA 232 connectable components to the CAN bus-lines. The user can also interface wireless devices and RFID devices.
The interface unit doesn't follow any CiA profile. The interface module provides 32-bit process data for input and output data, which is mapped to PDOs, which are transmitted synchronously. In addition, there is the 32-bit serial line mode process data and the corresponding serial setting configuration parameter (Array).