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CANopen-Safety encoder

Pepperl + Fuchs (Germany) provides the CVM58S rotational encoder. It features CANopen-Safety connectivity and complies with the CiA 406 encoder profile.

THE CANOPEN ENCODER HAS BEEN CERTIFIED FOR SIL-3 (IEC 61508) and PL-e (ISO 13849) safety applications. It is equipped with two independent sensing elements. The sensor comes in a 58-mm (diameter) housing, which is IP65-rated. The product additionally provides two embedded limit switches. The non-safe single-turn resolution is 16 bit and the multi-turn resolution is 14 bit, which results in a 30-bit resolution. For safety applications the resolution is 10 bit.
The CAN interface is galvanically isolated. The CANopen-Safety protocol complies with EN 50325-5 (formerly CiA 304). The bus electronics are integrated in the removable housing cover. Due to this, the encoder and the bus electronics can be installed or replaced separately in case of maintenance and service. This device is made for shaft mounting and comes with a clamping-flange.

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