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Customized configuration for inclinometers

Kuebler (Germany) offers a service for the users of its IS60 inclinometers: The tilt sensors can be ordered with customized configuration. The sensors come with CANopen interface.

CUSTOMIZATION ALLOWS THE CLIENT to connect the inclinometer without the necessity of previous settings and configurations. This saves time, installation costs and avoids installation errors. All application-specific parameters are stored in the internal non-volatile memory.

The sensor permits 2-dimensional inclinations to be measured (±10°, ±45°, or ±60°). Additionally, the device features shock and vibration resistance – they are IP68-rated. This makes the products suitable for outdoor applications inclusing mobile machines, and solar tracking photovoltaic systems. The calibration accuarcy (at 25 °C) is specified as ±0,1°.


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