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Encoders for harsh environments and cramped spaces

Baumer (Switzerland) has introduced a revised Magres encoder generation in the 58 mm dimension. They support the CiA 406 device profile for encoders, as well as CiA 301 and CiA 305.

The encoders feature purely magnetic single and multi-turn scanning (Photo: Baumer)

THE MECHANISM OF THE ENCODERS now permit a version with IP67 protection rating and an extended operating temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C. The galvanized steel housing not only protects the encoders from environmental influences, but ensures magnetic shielding. The devices are therefore suited for use in harsh conditions.

The magnetic scanning operates without contact or wear. This makes the encoders insensitive to soiling, dust and temperature swings. Innovative multi-turn acquisition with semiconductor sensors increases robustness and reliability. The shock and vibration resistance are up to 500 g and 30 g. The blind hollow shaft has a diameter of 12 mm. The encoders are electrically and mechanically compatible with prior versions and are therefore suitable for retrofit applications.
These encoders offer an integrated SSI or CANopen interface and work with 12 bit single-turn resolution or 4096 steps per revolution and up to 18 bit multi-turn resolution or 262.144 revolutions. The encoder supports error warnings like position error redundancy system, position and parameter error as well as lithium battery voltage. It features the cable connector M12.

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