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Inertial measurement unit supports CAN

Seiko Epson (Germany) has developed the M-G550-PC for its IMU (inertial measurement unit) lineup. The product was on show at Sensor + Test 2013 in Nuremburg (Germany).

(Photo: Seiko Epson)

THE 6-DOF (DEGREES OF FREEDOM: the number of directions in which an object can freely move) device, which comprises gyroscopic sensors on three axes and accelerometers on three directions, also has a built-in CAN port. The CAN interface supports the CANopen application layer. Packaged in a metal enclosure, equipped with IP67-rated water and dust protection, the IMU is capable of withstanding harsh environments. Samples of the product will be available from May 2013. Volume production is slated to begin in July 2013.

"Earlier this year, Epson announced the formation of a new sensing systems business with a mission of making high-precision sensors to create new value that improves people's lives," said Yoshiyuki Moriyama, chief operating officer of Epson’s Sensing systems operations division.

"I believe that these IMUs, which will provide Epson's customers with new value and give their products and services a competitive edge, are a strong first step toward achieving that mission."

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