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Sensor + Test 2013

Inclinometer with CAN interface

At the Sensor + Test 2013, Genesys (Germany) introduced their digital, biaxial precision inclinometer “Smart-Inklino”. It comes as a novelty with a CAN interface, which uses CANopen.

THE DEVICE COMES IN A SPLASH-PROOF aluminum housing and is furnished with an M12 connector. This makes the sensor particularly suitable for use in adverse environments such as road construction, mining, tunnel and canal construction, deep drilling and marine applications. Other possible functions include vehicle leveling, e.g. on mobile vehicle scales, rotary telescopic cranes, vehicle trailers and mobile lifting platforms.
An integrated microprocessor ensures temperature compensation on each measurement axis. Non-linearity and zero point errors are also compensated by calculation. These mechanisms enable the device to maintain a consistently high accuracy of 0,5 % over its entire measuring range within the specified temperature limits of -10 °C to +60 °C. There is a choice of the two ranges ±15 and ± 30 degrees.

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