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Inclinometer supports Plus+1

Sauer-Danfoss (USA) has introduced the CSS1000 slope sensor, which supports the Plus+1 safety protocol. It is intended for use in J1939 networks.

THE DUAL-AXIS INCLINOMETER FEATURES NOT ONLY A MEMS-based accelerometer to measure angle with respect to gravity, but also a MEMS gyroscope to measure acceleration around the axis. Each axis has an operation range of ±12,5 degrees (±22 percent slope), and an extended-range version of the device is in development. The product’s CAN interface complies with J1939 meaning the messages are sent with 29-bit identifiers. It supports the Plus+1 safety protocol submitted to SAE for acceptance in the J1939 series of specifications. The sensor supports also the company’s proprietary higher-layer protocol.
“There is a growing need for CAN-based sensing devices that provide an accurate slope signal,” said Dale Wraspir, Product Application Engineer at Sauer-Danfoss. “The CSS1000 slope sensor offers OEMs superior machine control when compared to accelerometer-only solutions.” Engineered to meet the harsh operating requirements of mobile machine management applications, the IP67-rated sensor is suitable for applications such as: concrete pavers, asphalt pavers, curb and gutter machines, tiling/trenching machines, pile-driving machines, railroad maintenance, profilers/mills, platform leveling, bucket leveling, angle sensing, and tilt alarm.
The device can be integrated into a control system developed using the Plus+1 Guide graphical user integrated development environment. Sensor tuning parameters can be set via this service tool.
“Like all of our Plus+1 mobile machine management solutions, the CSS1000 slope sensor reduces development time and accelerates time to market,” Wraspir said.
The CE-compliant product works in a supply range from 9 VDC to 36 VDC.

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