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Measuring light curtains for low temperatures

The CML 700i measuring light curtains by Leuze (Germany) offer the possibility for use in temperatures down to -30 °C. The measuring light curtains monitor a measurement field of 6 m or 8 m, depending on the model.

(Photo: Leuze)

THROUGH THE FASTENING CONCEPT and the optional plug outlet to the rear, the light curtains can be flexibly integrated. Moreover, this results in a blind area of just 23 mm and the possibility to mount the light curtain without detection gaps very close to the transport system. Thanks to the plug design, the user can also cascade the devices if measurement lengths of greater than 3 m are required. An integrated alignment mode and the exhibition of the received signal level in the display simplify and accelerate alignment. With the rapid response time of 10 microseconds per beam, even fast processes can be reliably detected and the measurement data recorded. The possibility to reliably detect transparent media increases the process reliability in many cases.

Both measuring light curtains of this series offer integrated interfaces for CAN, EIA-485, and I/O-Link. In addition, the data can also be transmitted via analog outputs, whereby both the control unit and the interfaces are housed in the receiver unit, i.e. no additional device such as a gateway needs to be mounted. Configuration can be performed directly via the controls: a display, a robust membrane keyboard, and a bar graph display for easy alignment. All settings remain stored here. As a result, it is possible to exchange a device without reconfiguring. The sensors are housed in a sturdy metal housing for use in rough
industrial environments, and offer connection via M12 connector for fast installation.

An operating range of 6 m and a response time of 30 μs per beam make the light curtains of the CML 720i series suited for detection and measurement even of moving objects. It also offers a maximum measurement field length of nearly 3 m for measurement of large objects.

In addition to its integrated interfaces and plug outlets for gapless object tracing, the CML 730i measuring light curtain offers a range of up to 8 m and a measurement cycle of 10 μs per beam. In addition, it detects even transparent objects up to 3,5 m.

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