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Mass flow meter

For high gas flow rates

Bronkhorst (Netherlands) has added the T23 to their In-Flow series, a mass flow meter for industrial applications. The meter offers the possibility of integrating an interface board with Devicenet.

Application fields of the meter are process control systems, for example in food, chemical and petrochemical plants (Photo: Bronkhorst)

THE METER WORKS ON THE BASIS of direct through-flow measurement (no by-pass), following the constant temperature anemometry principle. It contains no moving parts and has no obstructions to the flow path, which makes it suitable for low pressure drop applications and less sensitive to moisture or particulates than thermal mass flow devices with by-pass sensor. The housing is of a rugged design with protection level IP65 (dust- and waterproof). The flow meter is available with optional Atex approval for use in Category 3, Zone 2 hazardous areas. The product comes with an integrated, direct operating valve that can cope with high gas flow rates. The maximum flow control range of the instrument is 4 ln/min - 200 ln/min. Both analog I/O-signals and a RS232 connection are available as a standard feature. In addition to this there is the possibility of integrating an interface board with Devicenet.

Devicenet is mainly used in factory automation as a communication network between industrial I/O devices and controllers. It uses the CAN data frame for information exchange and incorporates a connection-based network. The basic used messages are explicit and implicit messages. Explicit messages require a response from another device. They are typically used for configurations and for collection of non-time sensitive data. Implicit messages transmit the real-time data over the network.

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