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Multiturn encoders with CiA 417 for shaft copying

At the Interlift 2013, Baumer (Switzerland) introduced the GXP5W encoders. They are multiturn absolute encoders, which are especially developed for the particularities of digital shaft copying. They support CiA 417.

THESE ENCODERS OPERATE ON OPTICAL SENSING with an accuracy of 0,025° and 29-bit resolution. 13 bits, respectively 8192 steps per turn, are required for the angular information, whereas 16 bit are used for a maximum of 65536 turns. Integrated diagnostics are permanently verifying the code consistency and indicate activity through the two-color LED integrated at the housing rear. The encoders, supporting the CANopen Lift application profile come with clamping or synchro flange. They provide IP65 protection with shaft seal. Corrosion-resistant designs are available as an option. A bearing flange offered as an accessory will increase radial shaft load capability to 250 N.

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