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Non-contact system for measurement of wire temperature

Sikora (Germany) has presented the Wire-Temp 6000, a system for precise online measurement and control of the wire temperature. The system measures the temperature of metallic as well as the surface temperature of insulated conductors continuously on a non-contact base and offers a CANopen interface.

DESIGNED FOR DIAMETERS FROM 0,1 mm to 10 mm (Wire-Temp 6010), alternatively from 0,15 mm to 100 mm (Wire-Temp 6100), the system is laid-out for product temperatures up to 150 °C, optionally up to 200 °C. The measurement of the temperature is independent of the cross section, the material and the structure of the conductor surface. The measurement system, which was already part of the Preheater 6000 TC, is now available as an independent online measuring device.

Various communication interfaces are available for the transmission of the measuring values to a processor system, the line control or a laptop. The interface module for connections to EIA-485, EIA-232, or industrial field networks such as CANopen, Devicenet, and others is sealed for protection against water, dirt and mechanical damage. The system also offers an optional Wifi interface, which enables diagnostics and quality control.

In the cable production process, it is often required to preheat the conductor prior to the extrusion process. Reasons might be on the one hand, to ensure optimum adhesion of the insulation on the wire, on the other hand, especially at the insulation of the wires for high-frequency and data transmission, to stabilize and to control the foaming of the insulation. One advantage of this system is that the temperature measurement is made by means of a non-contact thermal image sensor in an infrared camera, which detects the conductor reliably and provides measurements without need for calibration.

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