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Programmable absolute encoders with a variety of interfaces

The programmable AHS/AHM36 absolute encoders from Sick (Germany) offer a variety of mechanical interfaces as well as the optional SSI or CANopen. The compact encoders are available as both an AHS36 single-turn version and an AHM36 multi-turn model.

THE MECHANICAL INTERFACES AVILABLE IN THE ENCODERS offer a choice between blind hollow shafts as well as face mount flange and servo flange – all of them featuring a number of shaft diameters. This makes designing mechanical integration more flexible. The connector plug and the cable outlet can be rotated, which allows laying the cable in the best possible way even in cramped installation situations. At the same time, this means that machine builders have to deal with a reduced number of encoder variants for different installation situations.

The programmability of the encoders reduces the diversity of variants even further – concurrently opening up the possibility of using numerous configuration and diagnostic options. Thus, with respect to the encoders with SSI interface, it is possible, e.g. to set binary and non-binary resolutions, specify various operating modes, or program a rotary axis function. Position, speed, temperature, operating hours, and many more – the CANopen encoders provide a number of diagnostic options for evaluations that serve, e.g. to optimize the maintenance intervals of the overall application. It is also possible to configure an electronic cam switch.

The extended working temperature ranges, as well as the IP66 and IP67 protection ratings, permit use of the encoders in harsh environments. In addition, one can also adapt the encoders to any wire-draw mechanisms of the company’s Ecoline and Highline product families as well. The encoders are used for measuring absolute positions, e.g. in industrial and special-purpose vehicles, in packaging machines, in logistics, in machine building, as well as in medical technology.

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