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Inclinometers made in China

Inclinometers are used often in constructions machines as well as sun-tracking photovoltaic systems in China. Shanghai Vigor Technology was the first Chinese supplier followed by Shanghai Zhichuan Electronics.

SST300 inclinometer series by Shanghai Vigor

THE SST300 SERIES OF INCLINOMETERS by Vigor are tilt sensors with a measuring range from ±5° to ±60°. They feature a resolution of 0,0025° with a measurement accuracy from ± 0,01° to ±0,08°. The CANopen versions are compliant to CiA 301 (application layer), CiA 303 (connector pin-assignment), and CiA 410 (device profile). In addition the devices support the Layer Setting Services (CiA 305). The CANopen interface implements Heartbeat producer functionality as well as Node/Life guarding (which CiA doesn’t recommend for new designs). The inclinometer transmit its PDOs event-driven (change-of-state), periodically, or synchronously by means of the Sync mechanism. The device supports bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s.

In May 2012, Vigor, presented at the Sensor+Test 2012 exhibition in Nuremberg (Germany) its inclinometer. The Chinese company is specialized in inclinometer, accelerometer, infrared temperature sensor, electronic compass & gyroscope, and laser distance meter.

Two-axes inclinometer by Shanghai Zhichuan

Shanghai Zhichuan Electronics is another Chinese manufacturer of tilt sensors. The company provides single- and dual-axes inclinometers with CAN interface. The J1939 similar CAN messages use extended frame format (29-bit identifier). The data-rate is 250 kbit/s. Other versions claim to be CANopen compliant (CiA 410), but the provider recommends using the NMT-start-all command to switch-on the PDO transmission respectively to send the NMT-stop-all command to switch-off the PDO transmission. The default bit-rate is 250 kbit/s. The measurement resolution is 0,1° with an accuracy of ±0,5°. The single-axis version has a measuring range of 360° or ±45°. The two-axes inclinometer specifies a measuring range of ±90°. All the devices come in IP65-rated aluminum enclosures. The Chinese sensor maker got recently a bulk order for its inclinometers from Toyota (Japan) to be intergrated in construction machines.

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