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Heavy-duty, multi-turn, magnetic sensing encoder

Encoder Products Company (USA) has introduced the CANopen-capable MA63 absolute multi-turn magnetic encoder in a rugged IP67-rated industrial housing. For motion control feedback, the device is capable of up to 14-bit single-turn and 40-bit multi-turn resolution.

THE CANOPEN INTERFACE IS COMPLIANT to the CiA 301 communication profile. The device implements the CANopen CiA 406 (version 3.2, class C2) device profile for encoders. It supports bit-rates from 10 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s with automatic bit-rate detection. LSS (layer setting services) according to the CiA 305 are supported as well. When used with a CANopen interface, the encoder provides accuracy less than 0,15°.
The sensor and turns counting system in the device are powered by magnetic-based energy-harvesting technology, without the use of batteries, gears or capacitors. The turns count data is continuously generated and stored in on-board FRAM (ferroelectric RAM) chip without external power. The device features a hall-effect sensor with internal faraday-cage shielding. An external LED on the back of the device housing aids with installation, commissioning and trouble-shooting. The LED flashes green or red in assigned sequences to indicate the device status. There is a choice of radial 5-pin or 8-pin M-12 connectors. The radial and axial shaft loads are rated up to 36,28 kg.
The sensor is packaged in a 63-mm aluminum housing with a non-corrosive powder-coated finish. The housing mechanically isolates the internal electronics from shock and vibration via a separate internal flex mount and a pair of heavy-duty ABEC (American bearing manufacturer association) bearings. Featuring an input voltage range from 10 VDC to 30 VDC, the device is intended for industrial motion control applications requiring absolute positioning output in power-off scenarios and harsh operating conditions. Common industrial applications of the sensor include robotics, telescopes, antennas, medical scanners, wind turbines, elevators, lifts, motors, automatic guided vehicles, and rotary or X/Y positioning tables.