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CANopen encoder SIL-2 certified

FSG Fernsteuergeräte (Germany) has developed an encoder with redundant sensor elements. The SIL-2 compliant device features two CANopen interfaces or one CANopen interface plus a 4-to-20 mA interface.

(Photo: FSG)

THE IP68-RATED ENCODER PROVIDES AN additional display showing the angle position. The seawater-approved sensor is suitable for outdoor applications including maritime systems. The provider has developed a range of CANopen sensors for mobile machinery featuring SIL-2 compatibility. The devices support the CiA 406 device profile for encoders.

Last year, the company introduced the MH4096-PB/CAN-1023 series of heavy-duty encoders. The devices register the rotation angle and speed with a maximum resolution of 12 bit over 360°, and can cover up to 4,096 revolutions in multi-turn mode. The encoders' contact-free measuring system is based on integrated Hall sensors, which register changes in the field of the permanent magnets and transform them into digital signals.

In addition, the sensor-maker provides the SL00 rope-length transmitter with CANopen connectivity. The device is based on the draw-wire principle. The units are suitable for lengths between 0 to 125 mm or 0 to 5000 mm.

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